Friday, 9 November 2018

Quality of number 6, synchronization of elements in a more or less cyclically way

This is the astrological aspect based on the number 6:
  • sextile, 60º

The sextile aspect (harmonic 6) belongs to the family of talent aspects, which derive from the division of the circle (360º) by the number 3, as the trine (harmonic 3).

By decomposing the number 6 into 2 * 3 its meaning can be better understood, because it shows the combination of the polarity and blocking capacity of number 2 (opposition) with the flow of natural and channeled activity of number 3 (trine). 

For a short interval, the quality of number 6 harmoniously brings together elements or circumstances in a symmetrical configuration of great beauty, which unravels and recreates with agility in a more or less cyclically way.

Normally, the sextile comes in the form of an opportunity that does not last long and that demands a flexible and at the same time agile response

"The Back-up Plan" (2010) [1]

"The Back-up Plan" (2010) [2]

"The Back-up Plan" (2010) [3]

Jennifer Lopez, actress of the movies "The Wedding Planner" (2001), "An Unfinished Life" (2005) and "The Back-up Plan" (2010), has Jupiter-Uranus in Libra (6th Moon-Node House) in sextile with both ends of the trine formed by the Sun-Mercury-Black Moon in Leo (8th Moon-Node House) and Mars-Moon in Sagittarius (4th Moon-Node House).

Monday, 15 October 2018

Quality of number 7, parapsychological perception and karmic sensations that allow to distinguish between right and wrong

This are the astrological aspects based on the number 7:
  • septile, 51º26'
  • biseptile, 102º51' 
  • triseptile, 154º17' 

"The word 'esoteric' derives from the Greek word 'esoteros', which simply meant 'inner' or 'hidden'. Hence 'esoteric' is a term referring to everything that underlies an external appearance and energies or forces invisible that produce several visible phenomena, be they material structures or dynamic processes". (Moon Node Astrology, Bruno and Louise Huber, 1991)

"Seven is the soul number. The significance is the blessedness of the unity in activity. [...] Seven represents the spiritual forces that are activative or will be activative influences in the association of such an influence. [...] Seven signify the spiritual forces, as are seen in all the ritualistic orders of any nature; as seen dividing up of conditions, whether they be of the forces in nature or those that react to the sensual forces of man in any character." (Edgar Cayce)

The number 7 is related with the perception or channeling of the karmic forces and the esoteric vibrations of the universe, on the one hand; and on the other, the activation of spiritual or parapsychological forces, through all kinds of magic rituals, religious ceremonies or meditation and visualization practices, capable of modifying those forces and vibrations.

All thoughts, emotions and physical actions modify, to a greater or lesser degree, the vibratory state of the esoteric bodies of the human being. The information inscribed in these bodies, capable of channeling the energy in one direction or another, remains in a latent state until it is activated, at a certain moment, by means of a synastry of relationship, astrological transit or progression, producing the concretion in the physical plane.

The number 7 is related with the parapsychological perception of any esoteric aspect and the karmic sensations that allow to distinguish between right and wrong from a spiritual point of view.

The asteroid (253) Mathilde is in 1:7 resonance with Venus; the objects (523742) 2014 TZ85 and (385446) Manwe are in 4:7 resonance with Neptune.

Alejandro Amenábar, director of the movie "Open Your Eyes (Abre los ojos)" (1997), original version of the remake "Vanilla Sky" (2001), has the conjunction Sun-Mercury in Aries (10th Moon-Node House) in septile with the conjunction Mars-Saturn in Gemini (9th Moon-Node House). The Black Moon in Scorpio (3rd Moon-Node House) forms triseptile with both ends of the previous septile.

Michelle Pfeiffer, actress of the movie "What Lies Beneath" (2000), has Saturn in Sagittarius (11th Moon-Node House) in septile with Neptune in Scorpio (12th Moon-Node House), which is in conjunction with the Moon Node.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Quality of number 22, infinite systems and quantum computing

This are the astrological aspects based on the number 22:

  • semioncile [or semiundecile],16º22'
  • (tri)semioncil [or (tri)semiundecile], 49º 5'
  • (penta)semioncil [or (penta)semiundecile], 81º49'
  • (hepta)semioncil [or (hepta)semiundecile], 114º32'
  • (noni)semioncil [or (nonisemiundecile)], 147º16'

"The number twenty-two to be sure, being the infinite, or the infinity in number" (Edgar Cayce)

The semioncile aspect (harmonic 22) belongs to the family of binary aspects, which derive from the division of the circle (360º) by the number 11, as the oncile (harmonic 11).

To better understand its meaning, the number 22 can be decomposed into 2 * 11, because it shows the logical quality of the computer systems of number 11 (oncile) combined with the quality of blocking and denial of number 2 (opposition), which makes the binary system, based on bits with values '0' or '1', in a quantum computing system, based on qu-bits, which in addition to the values '0' and '1', is added a third state that denies the two previous values, thanks to the property of quantum superposition.

In some movies quantum computers are described with a very powerful artificial intelligence, but closer to the human brain; while in others, a conventional computer, defective by the fall of a lightning or other similar catastrophe, acquires quantum properties.

Quantum computers are capable of processing information very quickly in systems whose number of elements is very high or tends to infinity, such as the molecules of the atmosphere or the ocean, the number of stars in the universe, the number of users of the data base of a social network, etc ...

The semioncile aspect is related with the ability to draw logical conclusions intuitively, reaching a result without going through the intermediate steps, similar to the visual estimate calculations, when there are a very high number of elements, for which a fairly accurate approximate evolution is predicted.

The asteroid (1864) Daedalus is in 3:22 resonance with Mercury.

Thursday, 21 June 2018

Quality of number 9, reorienting towards a new direction when a cycle has reached its fullness

This are the astrological aspects based on the number 9:

  • novile, 40º
  • binovile, 80º
  • cuadranovile, 160º

"Number nine is the sufficient, the ending, the whole, as it were, of all forces as combined in the unit of numbers. [...] Making for that termination in the forces in natural order of things that come as a change imminent in the life." (Edgar Cayce)

The fruit develops on the tree,
when it is mature enough,
falls from the tree.

The novile aspect (harmonic 9) belongs to the family of talent aspects, which derive from the division of the circle (360º) by the number 3, as the trine (harmonic 3)

To understand better its meaning, the number 9 can be decomposed into 3 * 3, because it shows the emphasis on the talent of number 3 combined with itself. From a broader point of view, represents a sequence of processes that are fully completed, such as, for example, the set of successive stages in life, or the set of successive lives in the development of the Soul.

The number 9 is related with the adaptation to natural cycles, which have a beginning and an end. In full cycle, the activity develops naturally and fluidly, giving the sensation of being in the right place and at the right time in life.

Once the sufficient level is reached or the cycle ends, it is necessary to reorient towards a completely new direction, starting a different cycle in which the development can continue forward.

In this way, in the long term, a variety of talents and different experiences are integrated harmonically.

The asteroid (171) Ophelia is in 1:9 resonance with Venus.

Michelle Pfeiffer, actress of the movie "What Lies Beneath" (2000), has the Moon in novile with Jupiter, which is in sextile with Saturn, which is, in turn, in (penta)seminovile with the Moon. During the filming of the movie "What Lies Beneath" (2000), the Age Progression in the Moon-Node Horoscope formed quadranoviles with both ends of the natal novile Moon-Jupiter, and also (penta)seminovile with Saturn.

Thursday, 24 May 2018

Quality of number 32, very turbulent tension, which pushes forward even in very risky situations

This are the astrological aspects based on the number 32:

  • quartioctile, 11º15'
  • (tri)quartioctile, 33º45'
  • (penta)quartioctile, 56º15'
  • (hepta)quartioctile, 78º45'
  • (noni)quartioctile, 101º15'
  • (onci)quartioctile, 123º45'
  • (treci)quartioctile, 146º15'
  • (quinci)quartioctile, 168º45'

The quartioctile aspect (harmonic 32) belongs to the family of tense aspects, which derive from the division of the circle (360º) by the number 2, as the opposition (harmonic 2), the square (harmonic 4), the semisquare or octile and sesquicuadrate or trioctile (harmonic 8), and semioctile (harmonic 16).

However, among the multiple ways in which the number 32 can be decomposed, the one that best allows to understand its meaning is 4 * 8, because it shows the tension of number 4 (square) with the alert states of the number 8 (semisquare or octile and sesquicuadrate or trioctile), which sharpen the tension, generating anguish. 

Normally, the square causes a friction whose effect brake the ability to act for a while, until the accumulated tension generates a forward thrust with the strength to drag the elements that caused the inhibition, just like an airplane that has deployed the landing gear, minutes before landing. However, in the case of quartioctile, due to the exchange capacity of number 8 (semisquare or octile and sesquicuadrate or trioctile), the action is not paralyzed at any time, especially because, being such a high harmonic number, it is applied at fairly short intervals of time, where action is possible because of the turbulent emotional state, which pushes forward, despite the risk of the situation.

"Kidnap" (2015)

The star Spica [alVir], forms a quartioctile aspect in its position by declination (quartioctile@11º15', orb 0º13').

Halle Berry, actress of the movie "Kidnap" (2015), has the conjunction Mars-Jupiter in Cancer (11th Moon-Node House) in quartioctile with the conjunction Moon-Mercury in Leo (11th Moon-Node House).

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Quality of the number 23, very high productivity, due to a balanced distribution of activities

This are the astrological aspects based on the number 23:

  • trevigintile, 15º39'
  • (bi)trevigintile, 31º18' 
  • (tri)trevigintile, 46º57' 
  • (cuadri)trevigintile, 62º37' 
  • (penta)trevigintile, 78º16' 
  • (hexa)trevigintile, 93º55' 
  • (hepta)trevigintile, 109º34' 
  • (octa)trevigintile, 125º13' 
  • (noni)trevigintile, 140º52' 
  • (deca)trevigintile, 156º31' 
  • (undeca)trevigintile, 172º10'

According to Edgar Cayce, the feminine quality is represented by the number 28, while the masculine quality by the number 23.

"Twenty-three means a body balanced mentally, physically, spiritually; for it is as the perfect odd number, divisible by nothing; hence perfect in its ratio to one." (Edgar Cayce)

The number twenty-three is related with the ability to keep active, distributing in a balanced way the time devoted to each activity, which leads to a healthy and sustainable development, and at the same time, to a very high productivity.

"Premonition" (2007) 

The dwarf planet (1) Ceres is in 5:23 resonance with the Earth-Moon system.
The asteroid (1247) Memoria is in 1:23 resonance with Mercury.